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Eagle Seed Forage Soybeans  What you need to know
Outdoor Essentials has been growing and using Eagle Seed Roundup Ready Forage Soybeans here in the
north eastern US (Maryland) since Eagle's inception
8 years ago. From the very first year we planted them
we knew that the days of planting conventional soybeans for deer as attraction and nutrition food plots were
over.  Nothing (and we mean nothing) can provide the tonnage of forage like Eagle Beans!

From Maryland to Michigan and all points north-eastward, Eagle Forage Soybeans do very well in these
climates.  So if you are wondering how they will do in states like NY, MD, PA, DE, NJ, VA, WV and New
England, they do just fine and we ship them to repeat plotters in those states every planting season!
Eagle Forage Soybeans are forage variety soybeans and although they make bean pods and plenty of
them, they are specifically designed to put out far greater tons of forage(leaves) per acre than conventional
soybeans.   When it comes to tonnage per acre there are no soybeans on the market that can touch Eagle
Forage Soybean's tonnage! And the sheer size of the stems and leaves dwarf that of conventional
soybeans while still maintaining high protein.  If size does truly matter than Eagle Beans wins hand down!  
HERE is more information the forage characteristics of Eagle Forage Soybeans.

Because of the forage characteristics of Eagle Forage Soybeans, they mature much later than conventional
soybeans beans and therefore are typically still green and growing well into fall or until frost kills them.  And
because they are
roundup ready, Eagle Forage Soybeans are easy to maintain and keep healthy with
applications of glyphosate (active ingredient in roundup or generic roundup).  No other forage soybean on
the market is roundup ready!!

Although Eagle Beans are aggressive and grow fast, they are still susceptible to early grazing by deer, just
like conventional soybeans.  We highly recommend protecting them with either electric fencing or stink tape
fencing for 30-50 days while they establish themselves;
especially if planting 2 acres or less.  Once
established, the Eagle Bean survival rate is considerably higher than any other type of bean.  

If you are going to broadcast plant your beans we recommend that you use 1-1.5 bags of beans per acre.  
If you are drilling or using a corn planter, we recommend 1 bag per acre.  If using a corn planter we
recommend 25-30 inch row spacing.  With drills, we recommend getting at close to 20 inches as possible.

You only need to inoculate your Eagle Forage Soybean seed if it is old-overgrown pasture being converted
to a food plot.  Or if there has been no successful history of bean production in that spot during the last 3
years.  If this is the case then you need to inoculate the seed. To inoculate your seed, simply spritz water on
your seed with a spray bottle(like Windex bottle), pour on the inoculant then use a stick to stir and coat the
seed evenly.  It dries fast and you may want to stir it up every few minutes to help out the process.  Also,
doing this in full sun can speed up the process.

Seed planting depth should be no greater than 2 inches and ideal depth is 1 inch.  For those broadcast
planting, you can light disc the seed in or drag it but make sure of your depth!  You can cultipack afterwards
to help firm up the seed bed.  note:  you will lose a percentage of the seed on the surface to birds such as
turkeys, rodents and non-germination to the elements.  This is why we suggest upping the planting rate with
this type of method.  

You can spray your Eagle Forage Soybeans with roundup or glyphosate several times throughout the
growing season.  Typically one good initial shot is all you need but on occasion a second application is
necessary.  You can spray them as early as week 4 or later.  Follow the application rate on the label of the
chemical and varies from variety to variety of chemical.  .  Yes, you can mix insecticide with the spray and
you can find all your online chemical and spray needs

note:  If you planted with broadcast method you will have to drive over your beans to spray them.  This is
normal and they typically can handle the tire tracks.  

Planting Eagle Soybean Seed with roundup ready corn

note:  we have found that if you are using a drill or corn planter the best row width setting for planting falls
between 20" & 30."  We prefer 30" row spacing for our plots

Eagle Seed Forage RR Soybean mixed with Roundup Ready Corn is very popular amongst
plotters.  Both are roundup ready and highly attractive to deer and EXCELLENT during cold winter months!  
There are many different percentages you can use but we have found the following to work well for us:  For

Broadcast Method
(per acre) it is best to use 1 to 1 1/3 bag of Eagle Beans and 1/3  to 1/2 bag of rr
corn.  For
Drill or Corn Planter (per acre) we suggest 1/2 to 2/3 bag Eagle Beans to 1/3 bag rr corn.  Mix
all seed well prior to planting.  
note:  we suggest that if you are going to inoculate the Eagle Seed, do this
prior to mixing with corn seed.  If you need corn seed we have that
HERE and you can pre order it with your
Eagle Forage Soybeans

Exclusion Cages
We highly recommend that you install at least 1 exclusion cage per acre on your Eagle Forage Soybean
Plot (and any food plot for that matter).  This is the ONLY true way to determine how much deer are utilizing
your plots.  Your exclusion cage should be approximately 3-4 feet in diameter and secured with a stake of
some sort.  Exclusion cages are also great for attaching trail cameras for monitoring plot growth and activity
Pre Order your Eagle Beans
Important: Before you can purchase these seeds from us you must first sign up with Monsanto.  It's free
and easy!  Please call 1-800-ROUNDUP then press option #3 to receive a Monsanto Stewardship
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